Why Site Diary?

A Site Diary is admissible in court as documentary evidence

On every project it is essential that a day-to-day record of site activities be noted. This forms the site diary (also called as site journal or site log), which can then be used as a contemporaneous record of events and is a written description of what happened at the time.

A Site Journal is admissible in court in case of site disputes as documentary evidence.

Why Web Solution?

All information regarding site is in one centralized place, which is accessible 24/7 and information can be shared easily. You can also add pictures to the diary.

Better than paper

Paper diaries have many disadvantages. Those are handwritten, this results in difficulties searching the information and being able to read the person’s handwriting.

Paper diaries often remain with the person writing them, therefore when that person leaves the project so does the information recorded and it can be difficult to get back.

Paper diaries lack pictorial information that may provide more detail than writing alone.

No disputes on our projects

"Without contemporary site records, the claim and counterclaim will often be built up by specialist 'hired guns' who only arrive as the claim is being prepared"

Andrew Farrer, Project manager
Article "Dear Site Diary", Building.co.uk

"Well kept diary shows quality of the project."

Mikko Hokkanen, CEO
Planium Ltd