Our solution

Use with a internet browser

You can start using our solution without any software installations or need to contact your own IT personel. You can use our solution with a web browser of your choice. You can also invite your colleges or business partners to your project.

Simple user interface

User interface is very clear and easy-to-use. Instructions and "quick tips" are available on all forms. No training is needed and you can start using our solution right now!

Core of the solution is Free!

Use it for free - no phone calls from sales reps, no marketing emails. Just use it. Later on, if you need, you can buy more features.

What you want it to be

Site Diary Plus is what you want it to be. You can change, remove or add fields which you want to fill.

Access anytime, anywhere!

Unlike paper diary, or even workstation solution, Site Diary Plus can be accessed anytime, anywhere!